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What is Aergrow?

Have you ever killed a houseplant due to accidental over-watering, or forgetful under-watering? Do you know which soil is best for each plant type and how often soil should be changed? Caring for houseplants can be complicated, but not with Aergrow vertical planters! This innovative system utilizes aeroponic technology that will change the way you care for indoor plants. Aeroponic technology provide multiple benefits, including: maximum air purification, eliminating messy soil or watering complications and beautiful, healthy plants! Keep reading to learn about the incredible benefits of this unique technology.



Eliminates Traditional Watering

In order for houseplants to thrive, it is imperative they receive the appropriate amount of water when needed. However, determining 'when to water' and 'how much' can be complicated. The Aergrow system has technology that provides the benefits of indoor plants without the complication!

The smart hydration sensor detects when moisture levels decrease and mists plant roots with a nutrient solution. When the water reservoir gets low, simply refill! Aergrow's low-maintenance system is perfect for those born without a "green thumb," businesses or office!

Air Purification

An additional benefit of Aergrow is the natural air purification that each custom planter provides. The innovative twist on aeroponic technology allows the roots, discretely hidden, to absorb indoor air contaminates and convert into new plant tissue. The cleaned air is returned back into the room, providing a healthier environment for those we love.


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Beautiful Indoor Garden

Aergrow's aeroponic technology detects when a plant's moisture has decreased and sprays a fine mist over the roots. Studies have shown, roots sprayed with a fine mist will grow much faster, bushier, and healthier than potted plants. Indoor plants grow into healthy, well-maintained vertical gardens!


Customizable LED Lights

LED lights stimulate plant growth while providing beautiful home décor. The lights featured on the Aergrow planters can be adjusted in length and color and programmed for custom operating conditions.