Frequently Asked Questions


What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants using air, or mist; eliminating soil and traditional “watering.” Plants are suspended on a vertical system with the roots exposed. NASA identified indoor air pollution as a realistic threat to human health, and demonstrated that plant roots, in contact with air, provide a natural form of air purification. 

The Aergrow system operates in this method.  Plant roots absorb indoor air contaminates and convert into new plant tissue. The cleaned air is then returned back into the room.   As a result, the Aergrow System provides a uniquely natural way to clean the air in your home or office!

How Do I Maintain Aergrow?

The Aergrow system requires very little maintenance and is easy to set up! Place the planter in your desired location, fill up the water bottle and plug the smart sensor hydration system into an electrical outlet. Depending on the location, the water bottle may need to be refilled once or twice a week. On occasion, the humidifier and water bottle will require a light cleaning.


How can I buy the plants?

Aergrow planters can be purchased with the plants, or you can opt to purchase your own. If you need assistance in selecting plants that are best suited for your environment and home décor, we are happy to help! Check out our gallery for inspiration. 

What other services or special programs do you offer? 


Pilot Program

We are currently running a pilot program for non-profit organizations in the Southern California area, units are provided at a reduced cost.

Service Packages

We provide plant maintenance and services packages for your home or business in the local Southern California area.


If you are a business interested in wholesale services, please contact us.


Additional Questions?