Aeroponic Vertical Garden Planters

Aergrow was created by two engineers who wanted to utilize technology to make caring for indoor plants significantly easier. They considered the challenges that most people face: mess, root rot, mold, pests, over watering, under watering and sought to solve those problems. The answer is the Aergrow Aeroponic Vertical Planter.  The customizable planter can hold approximately 9 plants, and eliminates the use of soil; plants are suspended, with the roots exposed. The smart hydration system detects when moisture levels decrease and use aeroponic’s unique technology to mist the plant roots, when needed. Aergrow purifies the air many times greater than potted plants. Customizable LED lighting controls the amount of light plants require to grow and thrive, while displaying them beautifully in your home or office!


Customizable for your Home or Office!

Aergrow planters create one-of-a-kind interior gardens that can bring warmth and color or create bold statements to enhance any surrounding. The customizable height and base create an amazing visual statement, while taking up very little space. LED lighting stimulates plant growth and adds ambiance to any room.  Aergrow planters are handcrafted in the U.S., using local artisans, to create custom finishes that blend with any décor. Create the natural indoor garden setting you've always imagined!

“We love the Aergrow! It has lots of space for a variety of flowers, is streamlined in its design and obviously very easy to use and take care of!”
— Dr. Carey D. Nelson M.D.-The Aesthetic Center, Torrance
“I absolutely love my Aergrow post; it has truly brightened up the entire salon. It is great to have something so full of life for my clients to enjoy looking at while they are receiving there service. Definitely a great conversation piece.”
— Karen Flowers-Salon Flourish Owner, Hermosa Beach