Aergrow systems multiple posts

"Bringing Out the Best in Indoor Gardening"

  • Maximizes the beauty of indoor gardening by displaying plants in unique eye-catching splendor.
  • Minimizes the challenge of water, mold, mildew, and maintenance.
  • Maximizes indoor air quality naturally.
Aergrow post and water bottle

"Natures Plant Support System"

The Aergrow System is an innovative twist on "aeroponic" technology that can change the way you think about indoor plants.  Imagine a lightweight, free standing, self-contained and automated indoor vertical garden system that is safe to use in homes, offices, salons, restaurants and more!

Because the Aergrow System is better able to control wetness and dryness levels, and roots are not in standing water, and using a plant medium of premium grade sphagnum moss containing natural inhibitors, problems such as root rot, mold and mildew are greatly minimized.


"Cleans the Air Naturally"


While studying sealed space habitats, NASA identified indoor air pollution as a realistic threat to human health, and demonstrated that plant roots, in contact with air, provide a natural form of air cleaning.  The Aergrow System operates in this method.  Indoor air contaminants contacting the plant roots are absorbed and converted into new plant tissue. The cleaned air is then returned back into the room.   As a result, the Aergrow System provides a uniquely natural way to clean the indoor air that you breathe!


"Natural Beauty Indoors"

Aergrow posts create one-of-a-kind interior gardens that can bring warmth and color or create bold statements to enhance any surrounding.  A small foot print, 14 x 14 square inches with heights of 6 to 7 feet, can create an amazing visual statement, while taking up very little space.   Aergrow posts are handcrafted in the U.S., using local artisans, to create custom finishes that blend with any décor.   Create the natural indoor garden setting you've always imagined!