Aergrow system bone post showing water bottle

What Is Aeroponics?

The Aergrow System incorporates “aeroponic”, (the use of air and mist to grow plants without the use of soil) to provide a free standing self-contained indoor plant vertical garden for your enjoyment.

How easy is it to maintain?  

Aergrow Systems are easy to set up, and once you plug it in and fill the water bottle, there is little else, to maintain. Filling the water bottle 1 to 2 times a week is almost all you have to do.   You may occasionally have to clean the humidifier and water bottle, depending on water hardness in your area.

How can I buy the plants?  

Plants can be bought thru our website or you can buy your own plants and we’ll even show you how to plant them in the net pots!   We provide assistance in selecting plants that will have the best chance of success for your environment and décor.

What other services or special programs do you offer?  

Pilot Program
We are currently running a pilot program in the Southern California area and providing units at a reduced cost.

Service Packages
We also provide plant maintenance and services packages for your home or business in the local Southern California area.

If you are a business interested in wholesale services please contact us.